My first post in how long…?!

Ok, it has been a very long time since I last posted, but in a nutshell I moved 1,000 miles, from New York to Tennessee, and am now one very busy graduate student trying to squeeze my crafting in whenever I can.  Of course when I packed my car for the two-day drive down south back in the beginning of August, top priority went to the carefully selected projects I was going to bring with me.  Sure I could buy new clothes when I got down here, but would I ever be able to find that exact green cotton print for the quilt I’ve been meaning to start for two years??

One (or really two) projects I was able to fit in right after I moved was decorating some furniture.  I didn’t bring any with me, so the day after I arrived at my new house I hit the thrift stores and found the perfect desk, and eventually a dresser that could get the job done.  Admittedly I think the desk is actually a kid’s desk, but I’m petite, and I love how I repainted it and made new drawer pulls from some bolts and wooden dowels, so it works for me!  I really didn’t like the dresser when I bought it, plus half of the drawers are a little unstable, but after a fresh coat of paint and some new drawer pulls it has actually grown on me a lot.

Below are before and after pictures of both my desk and dresser.  And no, your computer screen isn’t doing funny things, I did paint them different purples.

old drawer design (left) and new drawer design (right)


new desk-and fish!



old dresser drawer

new dresser




~ by createdbyrah on October 30, 2010.

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