Pumpkin Time

Happy Halloween!  As a fundraiser for the student CEC (Council for Exceptional Children) group I’m a part of here at school, we had the option of carving or decorating pumpkins (the fundraising comes in by asking the people in our building would vote for their favorite pumpkin by leaving pocket change or a few dollars in the cup next to the pumpkin they want to vote for).  A crafty challenge that counts as school work? I’m there!

I went for a double pumpkin entry and decided to use some of my newly acquired braille skills, using ball point pins as braille dots to spell out “Happy Halloween” on the smaller of my two pumpkins.  On my second, I had a slightly nontraditional jack-o-lantern, with a large pumpkin grinning while chomping down on a baby pumpkin.

Taking about 4 hours to complete (credit where credit is due, thanks to my roommate for emptying out the big pumpkin for me!), it was totally worth it not just for the cool pumpkins I ended up with, but that I also won the pumpkin competition!  Check out my winning pumpkins below.

Also check out the new mosaic lantern I’ve added to my portfolio:  https://createdbyrah.wordpress.com/portfolio/mosaic/


~ by createdbyrah on October 30, 2010.

One Response to “Pumpkin Time”

  1. It’s been 7 months since your last update. Your pumpkins must be rotten through. 😉

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