Chevron Quilts

After a friend showed me this link ( ) to make chevron patterned quilts, I just knew I had to give it a go.

Using just squares and triangles, wrong chevron quiltI thought it couldn’t be easier to make what looks like a complex pattern!  Well, turns out you do need to pay attention, because this was my first attempt to piece together the quilt….not exactly the pattern I was going for (see left).Chevron Baby Quilt

Needless to say, I fixed the quilt and it turned out to be quilt a cute little baby quilt (right).

My little mistake gave me an idea, and once the baby quilt was finished, I immediately dove into my next project–an intentionally modified chevron quilt!  I had to scrap together a few pieces for the grey and purple…of course I finalized the design before realizing I didn’t have quite enough fabric, but it pretty much worked out in the end (can you spot the one triangle I sewed wrong side up but decided not to fix?).  The fabric combination turned out to be a bit intense, but luckily my friend loves her new quilt!

Modified Cheveron Quilt


~ by createdbyrah on July 12, 2015.

2 Responses to “Chevron Quilts”

  1. They’re both wonderful! I love the colors in the second one.

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