Mosaic Vase

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My goal for July is to wrap up at least five UFOs/projects and while I’m already behind schedule (not really a surprise), I did finish this mosaic vase.  I did the tiling back in January and just grouted it this past weekend.  I’m really happy with the results, it looks exactly like I hoped.  In fact, since this will be a gift, I’ve already started another vase for myself.  Hopefully I’ll have it grouted before December!


2010 Grab Bag Quilt Challenge

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Now that the 2010 Grab Bag Quilt Challenge is complete, I can post the quilt I made!  To learn more about the Grab Bag Quilt Challenge,check out my post from April 24:

final quilt dimensions, 20″ x 20″

Artist’s Statement:

Inspired by a photograph of natural and painted cattle skulls along with dried red chili peppers, I created a traditional lone star quilt for the 2010 Grab Bag Quilt Challenge.  When I first received my grab bag, I was not sure what I would make: the color palette of the fabrics included were primarily reds and browns, colors I do not typically work with.  The photograph that came with the bag also challenged me.  A born and bred New Yorker, I have never had the opportunity to experience the American southwest, where I image this picture was taken.  After living with the photograph and fabrics for a little while, I decided to make my first lone star, further challenging myself by only using fabrics which were sent to me.  In the end I did purchase one of the fabrics in the final quilt, the deep red used in the center of the red-toned diamonds and for the binding.

I had a really fun time creating this quilt; selecting the right color combination, reading up on piecing techniques, and getting creative by having to stretch every piece of fabric to the last inch.  I had to carefully plan out every cut I made since I was only using the fabric sent to me and a number of the fabrics I selected from the bag were just big enough for what I needed.  When I pieced the final product together, I was surprised by how vivid a combination of beige, browns, and reds could be.  I am very happy with the final quilt, being able to use bright and modern fabrics with a classic design to have an eye-catching piece effect for the viewer.

Detail of quilt:

The Grab Bag Quilt Challenges are a great exercise in creativity, I love the challenge of using colors or materials I wouldn’t normally think to work with-and it’s great to have a deadline to make sure the quilt gets finished quickly!

Maxx Attacks!

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At long last, here is my quilt, “Maxx Attacks!”

Based off an ink wash I drew of my cat Maxx about 5 years ago, I was inspired by my print making experience to turn the ink wash into a quilted piece.  One of the aspects of print-making which influenced me most is the idea that anything can be broken down into smaller pieces, which in turn can be put together to build up the image again.  Here’s the original ink wash I drew:

Using this, I broke the design into three tones: dark, medium, and light, and very carefully created three identical images.  Using raw edge applique, I hand sewed each of the cat/spider squares.  I machine-sewed and quilted the borders of the quilt, and hand quilted around the cats and spiders.  Here’s are close up, where you can see the stitching.  Not perfect, but a lot better than I thought I could do!

The final project is about 18″ x 42″.  I welcome any any feedback you have.  Thanks!

Portfolio Updated!

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After lots of digital photo work today, I’ve finally updated my portfolio.  I’ve added a section for my mosaic pieces, added a past quilt project to both the applique and traditional quilt pages, and a second picture of my Amish Wedding Rings quilt too.

Next on the list, unveiling the hand applique piece I completed last month!

A Quick Note

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It’s been too long since my last post!  I just need to upload and edit some pictures from my camera, and I’ll be able to post an applique/art quilt I finished last month, as well as the mosaic pieces I’m working on.  My goal is to post everything within the week, but we’ll see how it goes : )

Right now I’m working on my contribution to the 2010 Grab Bag Challenge.  I won’t give anything away about the piece itself, but I did some work on it yesterday and the way the colors/design work together, it’s turning into one of my most intense pieces.  I might have to change something so it’s a bit less overwhelming, but we’ll see.  In case you don’t know, the Grab Bag Challenge is an exchange where each participant puts together a small bag of fabrics and embellishments inspired by a picture they have taken, and then that bag and picture are sent to another participant.  Everyone has about 3 months to make a 20″ x 20″ wall hanging out of what they’ve received, and in the end you get to keep the quilt made from your materials.  Well, that’s a simplified explanation of the challenge, but I think you get the drift.  Thanks to Tomme for arranging everything!

A New Craft

•January 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

I’ve started to get into a new craft– Tile Mosaics!  I’ve done a few test projects so far, and have a few more in the works. Looks like I’ve found yet another addictive hobby.  If only grouting wasn’t such a slow process…

Pictures to come soon!

Also I’m a few hours away from finishing an applique wall hanging I’ve been doing on-and-off for a few months.  Hopefully I’ll have the time to finish it in the next week or two.

some favorite cards

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Since I’m knee-deep in about 5 quilt projects I thought I’d share a few of my favorite cards I’ve made.  I like experimenting with different designs and the best end to a few hours of card making is getting to make one of my “woven” designs with all the scraps I’ve cut over the course of the day. (Note: they are all 5″x7″ or smaller)  You can check out a few more of my cards in the portfolio section of my blog:

I tore the paper and edges for the jagged look. I like combining different fonts for a new way to look at a word.

I like the contrast between the purples and the black background-and how well a frosty snowflake fits in to the mix. I made this on the first day it snowed in Fall 2009.

One of my favorite cards I've ever made, I love being able to mix up so many different colors together. The maroon pieces really stand out for their richness!

These are two cards I had a lot of fun designing. I created the rainbow fan card for a friend's birthday after being inspired from some 1930's patchwork fan quilts.

A different take on my usual woven cards, this is more ordered and framed on the corners