Check out my completed projects (each category title is a link), feedback is always appreciated!

Traditional Quilts

  • Log Cabin Patchwork Quilt, (Laura’s Quilt)
  • Sampler Quilt
  • Amish Wedding Rings
  • Diamond in a Square Quilt (Jayna’s Quilt)
  • Small Lone Star Quilt (2010 Grab Bag Quilt Challenge)
  • Musical Twist Pinwheel Quilt

Art Quilts

  • Competition Blueprint for a Colonial House
  • Sport’s Night (applique/art quilt)
  • Rainbow Quilt
  • Cat Patchwork Quilt
  • Pagoda Sunrise (2008 Grab bag Quilt Challenge)

Applique Quilts and Projects

  • Maxx Attacks!
  • Ultimate Fangirl Quilt
  • Braille Friendship Quilt
  • Friday Night
  • Gameroom
  • A Single Flower (Alanna’s Quilt)

Crocheting, Felting, & Wool

  • Crocheted Afghan
  • Felted Bowl

Fun Projects and Little Things

  • Baby Birds
  • Handmade Cards
  • Seasonal Button Tree
  • Gradient Baby Quilt


  • Mars with Moons
  • Pair of Glass Tile Candle Votives

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