Applique Quilts and Projects

Maxx Attacks!

This project marks my first completed quilt sewn almost entirely by hand.  Based off an ink wash I drew about 5 years earlier (of my cat Maxx), the final piece is roughly 18″ x 42″ See more details, and my original ink wash by clicking here.

Ultimate Fangirl Quilt

Incorporating a friend’s favorite fandoms, this quilt was a fun labor of love!  This wall hanging quilt measures about 25″x32″ and you can read more about it here.  From Divergent, Hunger Games, Veronica Mars, Lord of the Rings, Supernatural, and Harry Potter.

Final Quilt

Braille Friendship Quilt

This quilt says “friendship” and “family” in braille, using the reverse applique technique.  Designed for a friend as a graduation gift after we became teachers of students with visual impairments, this quilt is approximately 60″x50″.

CvR quilt

Friday Night

This is a project I made for a friend, the challenge being that I could only use these 6 fabrics (plus black), but didn’t want to turn the project into just another rainbow quilt. This was a fun way to commemorate some nice Friday nights!  (quilt roughly 28″x36″)

Friday Night

The Gameroom

A framed applique project of a pinball machine, jukebox, and diner booth.  When making this project I learned how to use the print of a fabric to accentuate my design–while most of the jukebox is black, by using two different prints you can tell which sections are the speakers and which is the glass. (12″ x 36″)


A Single Flower (Alanna’s Quilt)

Created in 2005, this is my first applique quilt.  While I felt accomplished creating the center flower panel, once complete I was so proud that for the first time, everything I measured, cut, and sewed came out right and all the squares in the border are even!  This picture was taken after 5 years of daily use on a teenager’s bed, and I think it’s held up really well. (roughly 40″ x 56″)


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