Art Quilts

Competition Blueprint for a Colonial House

This was a great project because I got to collaborate with a friend who’s a draftsman.  We co-designed the concept and layout of the quilt.  We took turns with him sketching out a floor plan, and then I would quilt it, switching back and forth until we completed the project.  The floor plans are a combination of machine and hand quilting, and the lettering is hand embroidery.  The quilt is roughly 36″x50″



“Sport’s Night” Quilt

Titled after the Aaron Sorkin TV show of the same name, “Sport’s Night” is a quilt I created in December 2007/January 2008  for a close friend of mine, who loves Frisbee and soccer.  To date, between designing and quilting, I spend more time on this quilt than any other project I’ve worked on (about 100 hours, which includes 9 solid days of work).  The grass is composed of 5 different colors, and the Frisbee took a lot of tries to get it looking realistic, but I’m most proud of the soccer ball, which I made a template for drawing free hand and then created by appliqueing the black patches onto a white circle.  The quilt is roughly 65″x70″.


SportsNight center

Mosaic Quilt

Made for my cousin as a birthday gift, he simply told me he liked the colors black, white and red.  A few years later, this is still on his bed!

Jacks Quilt

Rainbow Quilt

This is an early quilt of mine, but still one of my favorites.  I was given a gift card to the local fabric store, so I got to splurge and buy some batiks I normally can’t afford.  When I first set out to cut the fabric I had made so many calculations on the angles and what lines to cut where, only by the 3rd row, nothing was coming out right.  So, I put all of my rulers away except for a yard stick to use as a straight edge, and just cut without measuring anything.  To this day I still don’t know how I ended up creating the center section, but I love it!  The quilt is roughly 50″x40″

Rainbow Quilt

Cat Patchwork Quilt

I found this pattern for patchwork quilts in an old quilting magazine at my local library.  The faces and tails are a bit wonky because they are my first attempt at free-motion quilting!

cat patchwork

Pagoda Sunrise

I made this quilt for the 2008 Grab-Bag Quilt exchange.  I was mailed a bag with lots of fabrics and goodies, and I had to make a quilt 20″x20″ of which the finished project was at least 1/3 recognizably from the materials I was sent.  I ended up using almost only materials I was sent, and only added a couple of my own fabrics to the mix.  here’s what I made:

Pagoda Sunrise


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