Mars with Moons

This is my first real mosaic project, after one trial and error run a few days before.  Despite the fact 75% of people who see it think this is a flower, it is indeed, Mars with her moons.  This was done on a 9 inch glass plate, with the mosaic section just under 8 inches in diameter.

Pair of Glass Tile Candle Votives

For my mosaics using glass tiles, I bought clear silicone to use as adhesive, and decided to try using it to grout as well, and here’s the results!  Each votive is 6″ tall, shown with a candle lit within and in daylight.

Mosaic Lantern

About 8″ tall and 7″ at the base, this is one of my favorite mosaic pieces, particularly with candles lit on the inside.


Mosaic Vase

A simple vase, I used glass tiles and grout to make this vase, which is about 9″ tall.


2 Responses to “Mosaic”

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