Traditional Quilts

Log Cabin Patchwork Quilt (Laura’s Quilt)

Of all the quilts and projects I’ve made for other people, this was the only one it hurt to give up (so far).  A queen size quilt, with over 900 pieces, this green and purple log cabin quilt is arranged in the barn raising variation.  While I used some slightly nontraditional prints, I keep the traditional red “heaths” at the center of each square.  Log cabin is my favorite traditional design, and some day I’ll make one of these for myself!

Laura's Quilt

Lone Star Quilt with Machine Quilting

Easily the second hardest quilt to give up, read more about this lone star quilt in this post.

Lone Star Quilt Jeff and Sara


Sampler Quilt

My first foray into samplers, as well as decorative quilting.  Check out this post for more info on this project. (roughly 33″ x 33″)

sampler front

Amish Wedding Ring Quilt

After deciding to attempt circles and curves in patchwork, I cut out all the pieces of this quilt, only to find one reason after another not to work on it.  About a year later I conquered my fear and dove into the project finding it the curves a lot easier than I thought they would be.  Machine quilting so many points together?  Still not so easy, but at least each row got easier than the one before it.  The quilt is roughly 42″x42″ I’ve included a picture of it as a square, and as a diamond, which is how we have it hanging in the house.

wedding rings square

Diamond in A Square Quilt (Jayna’s Quilt)

Here’s a quilt I made in 2007, my interpretation of the Amish “Diamond in a Square” design.  I love the simplicity of the diamond in the square, but for this project wanted to make a rectangle quilt, so thought, what could be better than one diamond in a square? Two diamonds in two squares!  This quilt marks my first foray into using printed fabrics in traditional patchwork-up until this point I had only ever used solid colors in my quilts.  I stayed with very simple prints (all but the primarily blue fabric are have one color, in different hues), and I’m still happy with the results. (roughly 58″ x 42″)

Small Lone Star Quilt (2010 Grab Bag Quilt Challenge)

Inspired by a photograph and fabrics sent to me as part of the 2010 Grab Bag Quilt Challenge, I created this Lone Star Quilt.  Other than being my first Lone Star Quilt, this was particularly challenging because I had a very limited amount of fabric to work with, and had to be creative to use every last inch as efficiently as possible.  The finished product is 20″ x 20″.  You can read more about the quilt here:

Autumn Bargello Quilt

My first attempt at a bargello quilt, and I am happy with the results!  I followed a pattern for the design-I’d been hemming and hawing for a few years on what kind of quilt to make for a friend of mine, and when I saw this design, with all of the warm fall colors and leaves, I knew it would be perfect for him.  Approximately 36″x54″.

Free Falling

Twisted Pinwheel Music Quilt

My first attempt using the twisted Pinwheel template-a musical baby quilt for a friend.  Read more about how I made this quilt here.  Quilt is about 30″x30″.

Musical Pinwheel baby quilt


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